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The 14th annual FRONTRUNNERS GutBuster Trail Running Series, presented by The North Face, is Vancouver Island’s Premiere Trail Running Series that takes runners off the road and onto the some of the most amazing trail networks in Western Canada. Each event features short and long courses making it suitable for all ages and abilities.


Environmental Practices

Before each event we meet with the parks crew to go over any sensitive areas near the course and either move the course around these areas or find a way to work around these sensitivities.

Messages regarding the sensitive areas of each course are sent out to race participants via email.

The course is marked with flour (bio-degradable) and safety flagging tape which is tied lightly around the lower branches of the trees on the course. All flagging is untied and taken down immediately after the event.

While marking the course before the event and de-flagging the course post event the volunteers pick up any garbage around the trail to insure that the park is left in better condition than before the event.

All trails used for the GutBuster Trail Runs are pre-existing well used trails. We don’t create new trails for any of our events.

All paper waste from the events are recycled.

Proceeds raised from the GutBuster go towards Runners of Compassion and the Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Fund.


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About Us

The Frontrunners GutBuster Trail Running Series is Vancouver Island's premiere trail running series that takes runners off the roads and on to some of the most amazing trail networks in Western Canada.

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Please feel free to get a hold of us if you have any questions about the series.

Phone:    250.391.7373
Email:    info@gutbustertrailrun.com
Address: 123-755 Goldstream Avenue Victoria, BC V9B 0H9



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